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Anti-Spam Policies

e-campaigner strictly allows only permission-based email marketing. We do not allow SPAMMING un-solicited emails under any circumstances. Our customers are required to abide by our Acceptable Use Policy as well as relevant laws on Legal was of email marketing. Since there are no specific laws in INDIA, we follow the US CAN-SPAM ACT regulations for email marketing.
We have the following processes and policies in place to detect and help prevent spam from being sent through our service
  • Double-Opt In Tools - we offer the tools necessary for our customers to create a true double-option list.
  • Random Email Verification - a staff member randomly review the messages sent out from our network. We ensure that the content is appropriate and the subject is not mis-leading. If there is any questionable content, then we reject the message from being sent.
  • List Verification - we do not allow very large lists to be automatically uploaded without approval and review by our staff.
  • From and Reply-To Verification - we verify that all from addresses are fully legitimate so that spoofing cannot occur.
  • Unsubscribe Link is REQUIRED - we require, and have routines in place that ensures, that all emails have an unsubscribe link. Further more, we also ensure that someone that unsubscribes, remains unsubscribed.
  • Agreement Is Clear - we're clear about our policies. Our users are required to sign our agreement a minimum of 3 times-- once at ordering, once at list creation and once on import.
  • Abuse Desk Automated and Reviewed - we prom ply review and process all emails sent to our [email protected]. These requests are also automatically tabulated and recorded for the customer's account. If our customer receives an unacceptable percentage of complaints then the account is disabled and we follow up with our customers.
The following list building sources are generally accepted:
  • Clients, Investors, Resellers, Employee, friends or colleague lists.
  • Lists rented from e-mail or list service providers or Agencies who guarantee opt-in or double opt-in inclusion, and also where the service providers have provided neat opt-out or unsubscribe opportunities.
  • Opt-in lists that you may develop or have developed for survey panels, newsletters, newsgroups, or different user groups.
Prohibited E-mail Lists:
  e-campaigner prohibits building Contact list by any of the following means:  
  • Lists generated using web spiders
  • E-mail addresses collected from discussion lists
  • Lists generated without permission using e-mail address collection programs
  Responding to SPAM Complaints  

If you think that you have been spammed, please forward the unsolicited email to [email protected] and pass on any other information that you think will help us in our investigations.