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Frequently Asked Questions

Email Campaign Creation

  Building Contact lists
  Email Delivery
  General FAQs
  Common Email Terminology 

Email Campaign Creation : 

Q. Do I need to know HTML to create an email campaign?

A. Definitely not! You will be able to create good-looking HTML campaigns by simply pasting your content in to our wizard driven templates. With our user friendly WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor you can add Banners and Links to promotional offers, invitations to take surveys etc.
No additional Software, expertise required! 

Q. Is there a cost to customize templates?

A. The FREE templates have been designed to suit various business sectors. You can customize them by adding your own logo and pictures, change text color size and type, add hyperlinks etc. You can add or remove paragraphs as needed.  

Q. Can I use my own HTML in Constant Contact?

A. Absolutely! You can create a custom template using your own HTML code. e-Campaigner provide the options to either import it from the web, or upload it from a file or copy and paste the code directly into e-Campaigner and you're done! 

Q. What if I want my email campaign to match my website and I don't see a standard template that looks like it will work?

A. If you want a personalized email Campaign designed exclusively for you, then you need to get in touch with our marketing oriented Creative team.  

Building Contact lists :  

Q. Can I rent or buy an email list to use with the e-campaigner?

A. e-Campaigner can only be used with Opt-in, SPAM Free email lists for which you have permission to communicate to.   

Q. How secure is my list after I upload it in to e-Campaigner?

A. Your list is highly confidential. It will reside in your account until you remove your list. e-Campaigner will never share or sell your contact list.   

Q. I already have a contact list. How to import it in my e-Campaigner account?

A. e-Campaigner accepts your email addresses and other contact details in .csv (Comma Separated Values) and .xls (Microsoft® Excel® Spreadsheet) formats. Simply browse to where the file is saved on your computer and let the wizard guide you through the import process.  

Q. What if I don't have an email list?

A. With the e-Campaigner's web-integration feature, you can collect the email addresses and other contact details (like name, phone number, company etc) from the visitors of your website and integrate with e-campaigner's contact lists.

Your site visitors may be signing up for some newsletters, promotional offers, trade shows, conferences, purchases etc. 

Email Deliverability: 

Q. Can I schedule sending my emails?

A. Yes. With e-Campaigner's facility just schedule your email campaign to the desired date & time and e-Campaigner will ensure that your email gets delivered ON SCHEDULE! 

Q. What if the campaign has a mistake? Can I stop sending it?

A. Before sending a campaign, you can preview the campaign and proof read it for any mistakes. Another checking point which e-campaigner allows is to send a test mail to yourself or your peers before sending it to actual customers.

This way mistakes can be eliminated from the campaign being sent. 

Q. Is your server capable of handling large amounts of emails?

A. Yes. Absolutely! 

Q. Is there any limitation as to how many mails I can send at a time for a single campaign?

A. No, unlimited number of mails can be sent for a single campaign.

It also depends on the contact list stored in your account and the plan you have subscribed to with e-Campaigner. 

Email Campaign Reporting : 

Q. What are the reports available with e-Campaigner?

A. To view about the kind of reports available with e-Campaigner, go to

General FAQs:- 

Q. How do i get started with e-Campaigner?

A. Getting started with e-Campaigner is really very easy.

Signup for one of our plan <Check the pricing>. Once you have an account, follow the user-friendly wizard base interface to

  Create/Import Contact list containing email addresses
  Create an email campaign
  Send a test campaign
  Schedule/ of send the final email campaign to email addresses in your contact list 

Q. How to contact you in case of any technical problem?

A. In case you face any problems while using e-Campaigner, look up for the common FAQs, and our Advanced   
If it still doesn't solve your problem, then email us at [email protected] or call us. We will help to resolve your problem ASAP. 

Q. What if I exceed maximum number of mails I can send in a month?

A. In case you exceed the allotted number of mails your account will be billed accordingly.