Marketing Solutions

  Creative Services  
Our Creative team can create Innovative and skilfully designed email campaigns targeted to your subscribers / potential customers. With in-depth marketing experience and profound advertising skills, our creative team will give you an edge over your competition.
  HABEAS Tools  

The Habeas Tool includes access to the Safelist of Habeas Certified Senders, which is open to all legitimate ISPs, MSP (Mail Service Providers) and anti-spam solution providers.Using this tool ensures your mails' deliverability as it is accepted a global certified sender.  

Improve your email delivery by using HABEAS tools for :

  • Safelist
  • Delivery monitor
  • Content rendering
  • Spam checker
  Lead Capture  

The most important objective of this is generating "targeted traffic". Diverting traffic is not as challenging as generating targeted traffic.  Our experienced marketing team knows how to reduce the amount of "noise" or "unwanted" traffic and more importantly getting those visitors to your site who are actually looking for legit information, service or products on your site.  

Getting targeted traffic largely increases your chances of attaining your online marketing objective. Our experienced marketing team can help you generate leads through your email campaigns, landing pages and sponsored ads into our proprietary lead management system.