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Product Information

  e-Campaigner is loaded with various tools that help you develop and personalize your online marketing campaigns. Keeping track on the entire e-marketing campaign, it helps you channelize your efforts for optimum results.  
Tips for successful email campaign
  Develop Creative E-Marketing Campaigns  
  Build and Expand your Contact Lists  
  Schedule and Send Email Campaigns  
  View Real-Time Reports  
  Google/ Website Integration   

Develop Creative E-Marketing Campaigns

e-Campaigner simple interface helps both regular and proficient Internet users to Create and Send targeted e-mail campaigns at their own convenience. Entry level Email Wizard guides guides novice users to create effective e-mail campaigns, whereas expert users can use their own HTML.
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Free Email Templates : making it simple

e-Campaigner is loaded with 'Ready-to-use Templates' which you can use to launch your e-marketing campaigns instantaneously. The design templates can be used for various campaigns including Product Promotion, Product Launch, Newsletters, Discount Offers and Survey campaign. Thoughtfully designed by ace designers these designs enhance the look and feel of your campaign.

Point-And-Click Interface : Select from user friendly options and click to start the task you  wish for.

Pick-A-Category :
Select different filters and categories for you different campaigns
                                  Select the Design Layout thats suits your Brands Image
                                  Logo/Images/Stocks/Banners etc can be added

Design your own HTML and Text Email Campaign : adding individuality 

Helping you to create your own HTML email campaigns, e-Campaigner is sufficed with a  user friendly WYSIWYG  Rich Text Editor. You can enhance your brands identity by adding your own Logo and stock images to the campaign. Furthermore additional links or banners can be added to lead customers to promotional offers, surveys, additional information etc. You can also add your own targeted marketing campaign (From a file or from web)   

Note: Additional software, programming or HTML skills are not required ! 

Text-Only : keep it simple

Sometimes bare facts can make an impact that flashy designs can not. Text only feature allows you to create emails that have well placed text in it. 

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Build and Expand your Contact Lists


A contact list is a compilation of email addresses and other personal details like name, address, phone numbers, company etc. Whether you're sending email marketing campaigns or direct mail postcards, your contact lists are the lifeline of your business. e-Campaigner with its set of tools helps to build and manage your customer data. 

The First and Foremost thing to start with generating contact lists is to Create Groups. These groups will be place holders wherein you can categorize similar type of contacts. Then organize your Contact List into various groups that facilitates for targeted mail campaign launches.
Subsequently build your Contact list using the following methods :

CONTACT LIST MANAGEMENT : your yellow pages

Contact list is the most valuable asset when it comes to email marketing. Compiling a huge list of email addresses and other personal details like name, addresses, phone numbers dose not make a contact list contact list. Grouping and managing this contact list is very important too.

e-Campaigner uses a smart tool that adeptly manages and updates your contact list.  

Effective Contact List Building :  neat and segregated

Thumb Rule - You can create groups with e-Campaigner which act like place holders for different categories of contacts. Its advisable to filter these groups in accordance to your campaigns and target audience. Few ways by which you can build your list     

Direct: You can add Email Addresses manually through our secured interface. This optional seems time taking but is much easier with our user friendly interface. 

Import: If you already have an contact list in excel sheets,any text editor files, Outlook express files and you can import the same to e-Campaigner. You simply have to save these contacts into a CSV/Txt format and upload them. This adds already existent contact/consumer list to mail forwarding list.  

Note: CSV/Txt format Supported 

Web Integration: The smartest and probably the easiest way to build a very strong contact list.  This  way, you can directly capture information from people who visit your website by integrating our HTMl form.   

Managing contact list : With e-Campaigner, managing huge contact lists is like a walk in the park. Its advanced features make it really easy to update and modify the contact list.   

Key features include : 

      tracks bounced emails
      notifies about invalid email addresses
      tracks  Unsubscribed (Opt-out) email addresses
      Automatically discovers Duplicate Email IDs 

Join the e mail marketing revolution and make a impeccable contact list with us !   

Incase your contact list is in any other format than the above mentioned or if you have any other queries related to contact lists, simply mail us and we'll be happy to assist you.    


Schedule and Send Email Campaigns


Scheduling Emails 
In the age of artificial intelligence, its shame that most email clients do not posses the scheduler.We make sure that you don't have to personally feed in ever bit of detail into e-campiagner.You use the inbuilt scheduler and your email campaign gets delivered on the desired date.

Just schedule your campaign and take a vacation  !   

Triggers : never forgets important dates

Ever wanted to send a email to your subscribers on their birthday, or before valentines day or after one or two weeks of someone subscribing t you. Triggers can do this for you automatically. Triggers can also detect the birthdays, anniversary dates etc and send mails to several subscribers who share this occasion on that same day.  

Its working is very Simple, you just have to specify the criteria's such as  
      which email to send
      who to send it to
      when to send it 

For Example – If you wish to send an E-Mail to subscribers on their birthday, anniversary and subscription renewals etc.  

Choose Time : Set to any specific time you wish for the mail to get delivered.

Choose Date : Select the send day to be "Based On" the subscriber's "Birthday". This makes the mail  to get auto sent on the subscriber's birthday. 

Choose Repeats :  You can set to how often you want this mail trigger top repeat. For example for birthdays etc. you can choose yearly.  

Sending Email Campaigns : send a test email

Letting you test the aesthetics of your email campaign, e-Campaigner can send test mail to any specific email address before launching the actual campaign. Its suggested to proof read the test mail before initiating the email campaign.  

Simple Steps - 

  • Select a campaign
  • Select your targeted contact list
  • Schedule to send it later or Send Immediately

View Real-Time Reports

e-Campaigner lets you to effectively track your campaign and it automatically generates reports for you too. These reports boost your marketing strategy as they let you know which is the most effective means of communicating with your customers. Its very simple to identify and target your potential customers once you get their response.  

Track your success and Evaluate the response ! 

What you get to know ? 

      How many emails were delivered?
      How many emails bounced and why?
      Number of users  who opened your email campaign?
      Which links generated the most interest, and who clicked on each one?  

Note: This report is generated withing 24 hours your email campaign's launch.   

This valuable information will help you to determine your contacts' interests, the best day and time to send your email campaigns and much more! 

Moreover, you can track the growth of your consumer base : 

      Discover new contacts joining your email list
      Learn about subscribers who are opting out from subscriptions
      View email list growth by source categorized under 'website sign-up', 'forwarded emails', etc.
      See who has forwarded your campaign to friends and the ones who in turn subscribed 

To make it even more simple for you, e-Campaigner allows you to download reports in excel format.

Using reports for the Optimum : e-Campaigner real-time reports helps you plan your next advertising/promotional campaign.  

Bounced Mail report : Email address which are not legitimate can cause loss of time and space. ultimately leading to an ineffective campaign. Using this report you can choose to deactivate these email addresses.    

Click through reporting : Reviewing the most visited hyper links from an campaign, will suffice you with interest information of your consumers or prospective customers. This will definitely make it easy for you to target them with your campaign.    

Google tracking code : If you have advertised with Google or if you are planning to, you can use its tracking code with e-Campaigner and track its success. 

Mails Forward report : Identifying people who forward your email campaign to others will help your  rate the success of your campaign. This report also lets you identify interested and loyal customers.    

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